thought i saw another devil at my door
thought i saw another face i’d seen before
and the ghost i see is of a friend
number 23 i see again and again
i woke myself still alive
not sure how i’d made it
not sure how i’d played it
there’d been a blast and a dive
and the hand i was holding, i’d never been holding
to my recollection
some sort of protection
two bandits beating the odds
to the brutes go the takings
we outsmarted their makings
and focused on those careers flaws
and then combined our bases in the best hiding places
and practiced never sleeping
long nights of silent breathing
every evening
we came to a crux in time
all alone in our dealings
all stooped in our feelings
and crossed some invisible line
and as she was leaving
and as i was seething
i could hear the drumming
of the careers coming
but i think i’m done running
i was given such a boon when i survived
but i never slept another sober night
and this glass i pour is for a friend
number 23 i see again and again

lyrics by Chris Littler & Ellen Winter
appears on the album [Careers]