Thanks for giving the new album a spin. - anthony, chris, sam, asarr, and ellen aka chamber band

Praise for Chamber Band's Debut 'Deities'

"If the Violent Femmes, the Pixies, and Gary Gygax had a baby... that baby would be Chamber Band."
- Chris Atkins of Sister Wolf

#6 on Top 20 Nerdy Things of 2013
- Nerdy Show

“Chamber Band completely lacks self importance and—for me at least—that’s what separates them from the ever-growing herd of Brooklyn bands… while DnD might serve as the starting point for each, it doesn’t confine the songs; it enriches them… I was reminded of Led Zeppelin, another band that never shied away from constructing little lyrical universes…”
- Laura Wasson, Feast of Music

"This is one of those rare albums that caught me and didn’t let go."
- Eric, Gamerstable

Meet Chamber Band

With unchecked charisma and a near-mythical dedication to pouring every last ounce of themselves into their performances, Brooklyn mainstays Chamber Band have ascended to indie rock notoriety in a scene already notorious for being pretty far out there. 2013’s Deities, a Dungeons & Dragons-slanted collection of acoustic love songs, propelled the band to nerd rock fame, and showcased a unique ability to satisfy reference-hungry listeners without alienating the uninitiated masses.

After two national tours, packed sets at ComicCon, GenCon, and a powerhouse performance on The Chris Gethard Show, the band turned their energy towards a second set of songs: twelve rock anthems about the haves and the have nots, set in the world of the Hunger Games.

Chamber Band is made up of five people: Chris Littler, who plays the acoustic guitar and sings and runs the google calendar; Ellen Winter who does the prettiest singing and plays piano; A.Sarr, who plays the keys and electric guitar and brings the waves; Sam Monaco, who plays the stick and stones; and Anthony Cerretani, who brings the bass and beard. All five live in Brooklyn, NY.

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